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Password Hashing

Safe Password Hashing This section explains the reasons behind using hashing functions to [...]

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Ways to secure your WordPress

WordPress is open source and is being a more and more popular in web development as [...]

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Android Push Notifications using Google Cloud Messaging (GCM), PHP and MySQL

    “Google Cloud Messaging for Android (GCM) is a service that helps [...]

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Android QR code Reader

This is step by step execution what you need to do for read [...]

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Custom Map Show using Google Map Api v2 Android

Customized mapView in Android 2.2 and above. Google Map Api v2. We usually [...]

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Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC)

Software testing life cycle (STLC) model is basically develop to identify which Testing [...]

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WordPress upload photo to Facebook

Description: This plugin used to upload photo on your facebook account using wordpress [...]

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GUI Testing Check List

GUI Testing Checklist Ideally, motive of the GUI testing is to recognize your [...]

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How to be a Good Tester (Some tips for beginners and fresher testers)?

Software testing is one of the highly skilled professions which include sound knowledge [...]

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Manual Testing

Errors: Any incorrect human action that produces a problem in the system is [...]

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